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Graphic Design

Email templates, highlight covers, logos and e-books — all of these materials should take on a uniform look and feel that embodies your vibe and style. In branding, consistency and differentiation is key. Say goodbye to the same templates that everyone is using, and stand out among the crowd. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or want to refine your materials, our professional designers are here to help.


Our most successful influencers and business owners are content creation gurus. But don’t be fooled. Many of our top business owners enlist plenty of help when it comes to keeping their website, blogs, and social platforms up to date. If you’re looking for a content audit, content strategies, or on-going help, look no further.


Tired of using stock art and ready for your photography to match your brand vibe? Our talented photography team specializes in bringing your brand to life. Together with our graphic design artist and content curator, we’ll brainstorm ways to visually show services, products, and messages.


There are some stories that words on a page just can’t capture. That’s where video comes into play. Bring your influencer story to life when you engage with our best-in-class videography team. We’re looped into the other services you may be using at JB Social. That means we’re able to quickly understand your style and purpose, and bring it to life, wherever you are.

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