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JB Social’s founder, Jamie Barbary, has career experience as the influencer, the brand, and ultimately the agent. In short – we get it. Jamie and the JB Social team have worked with hundreds of brands and thousands of influencers. From partnership strategy to graphic design to photography (and more), our team is trusted by influencers and brands alike to deliver on the three things everyone is chasing:

When you partner with JB Social, we’ll support your goals — brand, business, and social — through our holistic approach to marketing. Grab a quick recap of our service offerings below and request the talent roster to learn more about the personalities we represent.

Talent & Campaign Management

At JB Social, we take pride in matching brands with highly engaged influencers and celebrities worldwide. We’re a full service agency with a roster of talent ready to collaborate with brands across the globe.

Each influencer on our roster has:

  • Strong aesthetic and photography assets
  • Highly engaged and loyal audiences
  • An authentic and well-respected brand
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Support Services

From finding a community of like-minded influencers, to bolstering your business with branding and messaging, we’re here to help.

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